Testing, Testing… Is this thing on?

Here goes nothing… my first blog post. Pattern tests. Now I know this doesn’t really go with my whole “Pinspired” theme, but I really want to show you all a bit of my sewing style. And in reality… Pinterest is what drove me to really start sewing and pursing these testing calls in the first place.

So let’s dive in!

I love tests!… Said no ever. Unless of course you are a pattern tester. I just started to dabble in the world of pattern testing over the past few months and getting chosen by a pattern designer makes me feel like I’ve been personally invited to join the cool club. It’s completely exhilarating! It’s also pretty time consuming. But hey if you love to sew what else are you doing with your time, amirite?!

Now I won’t bore you with details of every single pattern I’ve tested.. there are too many and  ain’t nobody got time for that! I will however, tell you a bit about the process, who I have tested for, and let you jump on for a short ride on the Myrna’s Thought Train. Choo Choo!


George & Ginger Patterns, Patterns for Pirates, Laela Jayne Patterns, Seamingly Smitten, Made for Mermaids, and 5 out of 4 Patterns.  

If you’re thinking about becoming a tester, the number one thing I can suggest is to take advantage of social media. PDF patterns are all the rage and that means pattern designers are utilizing all areas of technology, which include recruiting testers via Facebook. I see a plethora of testing calls ranging from children’s, women’s, and items like stuffed animals on my daily feed. So basically, you see the post, you comment, you wait ( or stalk as I do) for the chosen testers to be announced. If you have mad skills, or are just happen to be the only one in the needed size range, you are most likely getting picked (commence happy dance).

Then the real work begins. Don’t go chasing after tests if you don’t have the time. It will end badly. You won’t be chosen again, and you will be sad. Fair warning. Though it is joyful work, it is still work. You print the pattern, you tape the pattern, you cut the pattern, you choose the fabric, you cut the fabric, and you sew. Then you evaluate. This is the toughest part as I always want to say I LOOOVE IT! PERFECT FIT! But this isn’t always the case. You give your feedback, changes are made, then you do it all over again. Just take a look at this before and after… and please don’t tell my mom I posted a picture of myself looking like a total bum on the internet.


Not so great fit to the left and I hated it, but with pattern changes (1.5 in off the hem, 5/8in taken in the from the sleeve and hemmed, and 1 in taken from the sides) the top was completely transformed for me. 

To close of the testing round, final pictures must be taken. There lies the horror for all husbands of pattern testers. I literally have to bribe Josh to take pictures of me. Though I recently found a way to bring out his inner  Steven Meisel. Competition Baby! How can my husband resist the fact that he is literally in a contest against other men to take the best photos? He brought out the fancy camera and even scouted some locations. Just look at the difference!


Blurry, faded picture on the left! Improved photog skills on the right. Thanks boo! 

What I love most is not only the FREE pattern I get after everything’s said and done, but rather the camaraderie that ensues shortly after testing begins through forever. I mean you’re in this cool group of ladies that love to do the exact same thing you do. We could talk for days about fabric, thread, and sewing machines. Also, my new friends do great as a confidence booster. Those ladies sure know how to give a compliment let me tell ya!  BFFF’s… Best Fabric Friends For Life!

To end this post, let’s stroll down memory lane and flash back to my very first pattern test. Believe it or not it was for a children’s kimono. I don’t have kids. Want them, but that’s a whole different story for another day. Anywho. I applied to test Striped Swallow Design’s Wildflower Kimono.


Don’t forget to accessorize!

This was completely adorable as it was a size 12-18 Months! I literally melted after making it. This was the first glimpse of what it’s like to be a part of pattern design for me. There were fit pictures, tutorials updates, instruction changes, feedback, pattern updates. It was a collaboration of sewists and the designer to get the pattern just perfect. I like when I feel like my sewing voice is being heard… and pattern testing is just the platform for that.

This first pattern was the only children’s pattern I’ve tested. It was really hard for me to get fit pictures, but fortunately I planned pictures with my youngest baby cousin on our trip back home to NM. Honestly… Thank goodness she’s ADORABLE because my photog skills on this one were NO BUENO :/


Don’t you just want to squeeze her!


I do really feel like I could never do what these pattern makers do… Kudos to all you designers out there! Virtual high five!

Thank you for reading my first blog post and I hope you enjoyed it! Follow, follow, follow for updates on new posts, upcoming pinterest boards (where you get to vote for my next pinspired look), and freebies/giveaways.

Until next time!

XoXo Myrna


3 thoughts on “Testing, Testing… Is this thing on?

  1. Renea says:

    Girl I LOVE love LoVe you! lol 🙂 Kindred spirits. Sew excited to follow your blog. If we lived closer I have a feeling we would be BFFF’s and hanging out together, in our peglegs, sewing for hours on end. 😉 xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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